Freedom Church's youth group for 11-18 year old's from Bury and the surrounding areas..

Our mission is to raise up a generation of young people who can live passionately & fearlessly. We have a heart to see our young people grow in faith, confidence and a resilience that is unshaken.



This is our weekly Friday night youth group. These nights are incredible with fun games and competitions, game lounge, our fully stocked tuck shop and a great environment to build friendships. 

Every month we run 4 different types of nights which are detailed below.

Tribal Wars

TRIBAL WARS nights are jam packed with team games and competitions. These nights have high energy games & challenges and only the team that combines skill, teamwork & determination will come out on top!

Fun | Games | Competition

Youth Alpha

The Alpha Youth Series is an interactive series exploring life, faith and meaning. Each episode looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s for young people with any level of church background.

Food | Conversation | Faith

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Wildcard nights are about exploring/discovering your gifts. On these nights we have different areas setup based around different hobbies and interests i.e Art, Games, Sports etc. These nights are great for connecting to other people socially with similar interests and also a great place to try something new.

Areas | Hobbies | Social

Hang Out

Hang Out nights are our social nights. They are a really laid back creating the opportunity to get to know more people. It’s on these nights where we would watch a movie, open some board games or go to the park in the summer.

Relaxed | Social | Friendships

How To Find Us

  • Freedom Church
    35 Walmersley Road
    BL9 5AE
  • 0161 425 6824

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