A grand procession!

As people we are designed to grow; To flourish, develop and succeed in mind body and spirit;

Each and everyone of us uniquely created and knitted together. Within you is a seed of potential that is destined to GROW.

To grow, by definition, is to naturally develop by increasing; it is to enlarge, extend, expand and stretch. You are designed to grow in every area of your life. We have been taught since birth how to grow physically and mentally, however, there is a third part of each and everyone of us that needs to grow and that’s OUR spirit.
We’ve developed 4 steps to help you grow spiritually; to KNOW Jesus personally, to ATTACH to His church and to ENGAGE with your God-given purpose, discovering  who He says you really are.

The bible declares, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬). These steps are foundational blocks that will help and encourage you to live your life in a brand new way!

We are excited to take you to your next level!

Stay around, after the service, every Sunday from 12:15 to 1.15pm:

New Foundations will guide you through the essential steps that you need to take when starting your journey of knowing and following JESUS.

This step is foundational for anyone new to the Christian faith and includes the opportunity to be baptized.

New Ways is all about breaking free from the past and establishing through encountering Jesus, a brand new way to live. New ways to believe, new ways to think and new ways to be.

Within this step you will also hear the vision of Freedom Church and info on how to attach and engage with Life Groups.

Discover who you really are and how God uniquely created you, shaping your personality and awakening your God-given gifts.

New Living will empower you to live with purpose and rise in confidence.

BE equipped to BE Light in your world and empowered to influence those around you, boldly carrying the message that changed your life.

Step 4 also gives you the opportunity to join a ministry team and serve passionately within the life of Freedom Church.

New Foundations - 1st Week New Ways - 2nd Week New Living - 3rd Week New Level - 4th Week of Every Month.

Once you complete Step 1 you can move onto the next step the week later. Alternatively, continue the following month picking up where you left off, as the steps are repeated each month to make it easy for you to GROW!!

Sign up today and take your next step to grow!