23rd – 29th July

We’re so excited that as a Church we’re going on a #LOVE mission with our #LOVEWEEK projects  happening between 23rd – 29th July! We simply cannot wait to come together, right across our town with an explosion of #LOVE through our Church! Together we are going to make an incredible impact in our worlds; from our neighbourhoods, workplaces, local hospitals, the elderly or wherever and for whoever our incredible #LIFEGROUPS have the privilege to bless for our #LOVEWEEK Projects!!

It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

As a Church we fundamentally believe that GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD.

1 John 4:7 TPT

“Those who are loved by God, let his love continually pour from you to one another,

because God is love. Everyone who loves is fathered by God

and experiences an intimate knowledge of him”.

There’s so much POWER in LOVE and as followers and believers of Christ, WE are called to LOVE;




2018 marks the first of our annual mission #LOVEWEEK projects and the more people involved the better! We’re convinced that when an army of people get together, with the same purpose & the same passion, something absolutely incredible can, and will happen!!!

So lets make it count and make sure you’re part of mission #LOVEWEEK


Sign up to the ALL Church BIG Saturday event #LoveGreen – Restoring a tired-looking local neighbourhood in our town, with an injection of Colour, Love & TLC.


10 am to 12 noon

#LOVEGREEN – Our Big Church Street Clean-up,

We’d love everyone to come and join us in making a difference not just to an area, but showing our love, value and care, in the lives of others!


Seize the opportunity to show love in your world.

There’s something for everyone to get involved in right across #LOVEWEEK, whether it’s making cakes for your work colleagues, to putting your neighbours bins out or making them a slap up meal, we know that lives will be touched by your acts of #LOVE

There’s loads of things you could do, here’s 5 great ideas:

  • Bless your office with cakes.
  • Do a neighbours shopping.
  • Wash the cars on your street.
  • Cook a meal for a friend.
  • Mow someone’s lawn.

Let us know what your personal #loveyourworld project is by emailing us at


If you’re not a part of a life group you can still get involved with any of these amazing #loveweek projects!

  • Wed 25th July 11am-1:30pm -Schools Out’ Kids lunch club @freedomchurchbury

School holidays can be a difficult time for parents who may be struggling financially, So it’s a free event for all U11’s – with food, fun and child-friendly activities! Speak to Claire Rose or someone at Reception on Sunday!

  • Thurs 26th July ‘Quiz Night & Supper’ – Blessing a housing project for the over 55’s!

Speak to Rob & Sarah or someone at reception on Sunday, to find out how you can get involved.

  • ‘Out & About Crew’ Community VisitingGail & Louisa’s lifegroup will be offering light entertainment, light-hearted conversation & compassionate acts of kindness to people in our community/ hospitals/ hospices.

Speak to Gail or Louisa or someone at reception on Sunday, to find out how you can get involved.

  • ‘Home & Garden’ – Makeover!

Do you have green fingers? Or always wanted to do a 60 minute makeover?

If yes, then this project is definitely for you! Get involved with Debbie & Chris’ life group as they transform a home or garden in 60 minutes!

Speak to Chris or Debbie or someone at reception on Sunday, to find out how you can get involved.


As well as getting practically involved in #LOVEWEEK, you can also give financially. You can give online at or fill in an envelope on Sunday.



  1. Make sure you are signed up to mission #LoveGreen
  2. Email us at and let us know what personal #LOVEWEEK Project you’re doing!
  3. Connect with one of these fab #LifeGroup projects at reception on Sunday 
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