Dear Freedom Church,

In light of moving into stage 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown and the relaxing of Covid-19 law post July 19th, as a team we wanted to update you on our recommendations and procedures at Freedom Church, particularly in regard to Sunday morning gatherings.

From Sunday 25th July we will be meeting at Freedom Church on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. At these gatherings there will be the opportunity to join in sung worship together led by our worship team.
These gatherings will be held indoors and our congregation will be welcomed to participate in the singing. We will also be relaxing our booking system and ending our optional zoom service post Sunday 1st August.
However, we are currently looking at ways to broadcast our gatherings live via a social media platform e.g. Youtube to accommodate those who at this time do not feel comfortable attending in person.

Covid-19 has affected every person differently and as a church our highest priority is to build and maintain a culture of love, respect and freedom for every member of our church family.


Here are our main recommendations and procedures we aim to adopt to ensure Covid-19 safety at Freedom Church -

1. At our gatherings face coverings will not be mandatory, however you may wish to wear a face covering for the benefit of yourself and those around you, particularly during times of sung worship.

2. Hand sanitiser will continue to be made available at the entrances and exits of our building and we encourage all members of our congregation to wash their hands regularly.

3. We support the use of the government’s free lateral flow testing scheme prior to Sunday morning, however this will not be required in order to attend our larger gatherings.

4. The NHS Track and Trace system will still be in use at Freedom Church, situated in the coffee bar for individuals to use when visiting the building.

5. The building will be well ventilated with open windows and doors in all rooms where people congregate.

6. Cards will be made available at the entrance of the building before each gathering for people to place next to them if they want to have a socially distanced seat between them and the next person during the service.

7. All those serving in catering and hospitality will continue to wear face coverings and follow government guidelines for restaurants and cafes until further notice.


As a team we hope these measures reassure those who are vulnerable and feel nervous about returning to our gatherings inside at Freedom Church. We are all on a journey out of lockdown and learning how best to live with Covid-19. This period of adjustment will take varying amounts of time for every single member of our community. As a leadership team we urge you to be especially mindful of others and considerate towards each other at this time. In doing this we believe that together we can successfully navigate through to the other side of the pandemic.


With love, The leadership team.


If you or anyone that you know is in need, we would love to help, so please email or telephone the contact details below.


Additionally, inspirational messages and ideas will be published on social media and many of our regular groups are still meeting virtually.  If you would like to access any of this information or know how to become part of a virtual group please contact us. We would love you to remain in touch through social media, email, telephone etc.

FaceBook pages @FreedomchurchGB and @freedomcafegb 




Telephone 07587292925