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A bit like donkey...

Today I got to sit and watch Shrek with my boys. What a great movie! Love it.

I love the relationship Shrek and Donkey have, it makes me smile a lot. Today, however I realised just how much Donkey talks! He doesn't really ever stop talking, he's always got something to say. It got me thinking about me and God. I think I probably talk at God quite a bit, a bit like Donkey rattling on and on to Shrek. Do you?

When life is busy and full and when my mind is in overdrive filled with questions and queries I can find myself hurling words and feelings at God in my prayers like a machine gun! It's at those times I realise why God has written in scripture - Be still and know that I am God.

God loves to hear our prayers, he listens intently to us and never slumbers nor sleeps, however I think there are definitely times when we need to shhhh, pause and listen to him. If we keep talking we'll never have space to hear his response and with life being so complex we can't afford to journey on without the Creator's input and wisdom.

So today when I catch myself talking too much, I'm going to endeavour to b

e still and know that he is God. I'm going to allow his peace to envelop me and cause me to press pause on the record. How about you join me?