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Bury St Edmunds CAP Centre 10 Year Celebrations

This morning we celebrated 10 years of being the founding church of the CAP Debt Centre in Bury St Edmunds. What a brilliant thing to celebrate! From the beginning, Freedom Church has pioneered this amazing work amongst some of the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our local community. During our time together this morning, Darren and Sally shared with us the journey God has taken the centre on over the years and we can all agree there has been many highs and lows, twists and turns. Yet, the overarching theme of our time together is that God is faithful and he has done far more than we can ever ask or imagine in the lives of those who CAP has been able to help here in Bury St Edmunds. Church, this is not just Darren’s story or Sally’s story, this is our story.

CAP is an incredible organisation which at its heart, champions the life changing work of Jesus. It isn’t just a well thought out money management strategy or a few ‘experts’ setting up a plan on behalf of a stranger. CAP is an invitation for us to come together as a church, hear the heartbeat of God and make a difference in the lives of people around us.

At the end of our morning together, Sally shared with us a prophetic picture of 11 balloons lifting up the weight of debt that weighs heavy around so many lives, many of which are hidden behind closed doors. Each of those balloons represents someone who is needed throughout a persons CAP journey. Some of these 'balloons' are the staff at headquarters and the debt coaches, but others of them are up for grabs; befrienders, lifesavers, prayer champions and many more. Could you be one of them?

Also, as we sang our last song together, The Blessing, God spoke to me and said “this work is his blessing; a means through which he blesses and releases and restores his children. CAP is a way you can release my blessing over people who don’t yet know me and CAP is a way I will bless you, my church.” What an encouragement and a challenge! Double whammy!

Today, as we celebrate all that has passed, let our hearts be propelled forward with reignited vision for all that God wants to accomplish in the next 10 years. Let us allow the powerful stories of today take root in our spirits and be a catalyst for action, in our prayers and in our works as we support the ministry of CAP moving forward.