About us


We are so glad you rocked up and took time to find out a little more about us. Take a read to find out a bit more of our heart….

Freedom is a collective of all sorts of people, from all walks of life. Made up of young and old and everything in between.


Together, we are church, a community of Jesus followers who are devoted to loving God, loving those around us and loving our environment too.

It’s made up of big gatherings and small expressions. It’s a family, a home.

Life at Freedom involves friendship and feasting, sharing meals together and moments of connection around the table. 

It involves music, celebration and pursuing the presence of God when we gather. As friends, as family, as church.

Together at Freedom we walk the journey, sharing in the highs and lows, the joys and the sorrow that life brings.

Freedom people are blessed to be a blessing. We make generosity our hallmark because of the outrageous grace of Jesus.

Freedom is a kaleidoscope of personalities, all desiring to be bold and make a difference right where we are, whether at work, at church, at home or at play. 

Freedom life is wholehearted, 24:7. We are committed 100% to Jesus and ushering in the life changing presence of the spirit wherever life takes us.

Freedom is a house full of people, like a city on a hill, shining bright in the darkness for all to see.

Everyone is welcome and we invite you to be a part of Freedom too.


With love from

Mike and Lizi xx

meet the team:
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Mike Long

Senior Leader

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Lizi Long

Senior Leader

Susie Harrington

Pastoral Lead

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 20.30_edited.jpg
Jess Corbett

Community Ministry Leader

Sally Murray

CAP Debt Centre Manager

Trevor Harrington

Chair of Trustees

Nicki Lancaster

Office Manager 

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Emily Vavla

Muddy and Wild 

Harry Storey

Small Expressions


Our vision is C.P.R - Community, Presence, Resource. Take a moment to find out more.


Freedom church is built upon strong Jesus - centred biblical principles and values.


Freedom Church is a part of Skylark International Community.


We partner with a number of mission projects both locally, nationally and internationally.